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About Us

Is your business struggling to cope with its debts? Do you need help to get your business back on track? Or are you looking to wind up your company? We are a dedicated team of insolvency specialists, who can help you to resolve any financial difficulty your business may face.

Our team deals with businesses operating across all sectors, and has a wealth of experience which makes us best placed to help a struggling company. We will consider all of the options available to your business, and work closely with you to ensure that the best outcome is achieved.

Regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) means that for business owners we can advise on, and deliver, both formal and informal solutions. This ensures that you are provided with complete advice which enables you to make clear decisions.

Our team is proud to have helped many businesses rebuild and work hard to make the process as fast, simple and stress free as possible.

Our Services

Winding up your company

Taking the decision to wind up your company is always tough. But if the business is not viable, debts are racking up and you find yourself pumping in personal cash, getting help and advice, will make you feel better. Putting off the decision will increase the pressure from creditors and is likely to give rise to sleepless nights.

Liquidation Process made simpler

Winding up your company has become simpler. There are now different processes that can be used for the process including Virtual Meetings (Creditors cannot physically attend and can only dial in)* or Deemed Consent – creditors get paperwork asking for a simple yes or no to the appointment of a liquidator.

Creditors can object (if they represent 10% of the value of debts or there are more than 10 creditors) and it will then be necessary to actually call an old style meeting of creditors where they can attend in person.

Liquidating the assets

As the name suggests, liquidation is the process by which the assets of the company are converted into cash. The assets could be monies owed to the company, order book, goodwill and physical assets such as equipment. The liquidator works alongside agents who help to turn the assets into cash. The cash firstly covers the costs of liquidation and then the balance goes to creditors.

Voluntary Arrangements for companies “CVA’s

If your business is viable and can trade on a cash positive basis (assuming the debts are frozen), a CVA can allow your company to carry on trading and make monthly contributions towards the debt.

Survival of the whole of part of the company/business

Administration can be used to turnaround underperforming companies, achieve a better outcome than liquidation or just return more money to secured creditors. These are what are termed the “stated purposes” of administration. Frequently the administration process is used to sell viable parts of the business with the debts remaining with the company in administration.

We Are Here To Help

We are here to provide free confidential advice on how to best deal with your company’s situation, whether it be about options for dealing with business debt, restructuring, or how to close your business at a low cost.

Our advisors are keen to help run you through how business debt solutions like liquidation, administration and CVAs work.

The Business Debt Advisor is a trading division of The Debt Advisor Ltd which is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. This means we are able to offer debt advice and deliver both formal and informal solutions. Any debt solution does need to be carefully considered and you must take independent debt advice.

We hope that the information and business debt advice on this site including our Case Studies and Frequently Asked Questions, will help inform you.

Careful consideration must be given to all options available to a solvent company. For more advice, fill out our Contact Form and we will be in touch. Alternatively, call our FREE ADVICE LINE on 0800 781 0990.

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