When is closing a limited company with debt the most suitable option?

Many limited companies trading in the UK at present may find themselves in an insolvent position, or suffer from short term cash-flow difficulties. It is always important to take prompt action if a limited company has debt and does not have the ability to continue trading as closing your limited company with debt might be the best solution.

Closing a limited company with debt is likely to be the most suitable option if a limited company has debts it cannot afford to repay and there is no longer a viable limited company to be saved.

Closing a limited company with debt is officially called Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL). CVL is also known as ‘insolvent liquidation’ and is the form of liquidation that is most commonly used in the UK.

To start the CVL process, the limited company directors appoint an Insolvency Practitioner who will liquidate all the assets, and then distribute funds back to the creditors. All outstanding company debts after the repayment are written off and the limited company is dissolved at Companies House. This doesn’t include debts personally guaranteed but our business debt advisors can provide specialist advice on this too.

Directors could also be entitled to a redundancy claim of up to £15,750 from the Redundancy Payments Office after closing a limited company with debt. If you are unsure on the process of closing your limited company with debt, then we would urge you to seek advice from our business debt experts. To find the best solution for you, try our quick questionnaire.

All business debt solutions should be carefully considered.

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