Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA's) - Explained

Company Voluntary Arrangements can seem complex, but they are really quite straightforward, below are CVAs explained.

There is legislation that enables a company to make a private arrangement with all its unsecured creditors. The Company Voluntary Agreement procedure was introduced by the Insolvency Act 1986 "IA86" and is simply a formal mechanism which permits a company, which has debt problems, to reach a compromise with its creditors on the repayment of its debt.

Imagine if your company could

  • Freeze the company's debt and any interest charges
  • Repay the debt in affordable monthly installments
  • Prevent creditors from taking further action against your company
  • Write off a proportion of the company's debts with creditors' consent

Well a Company Voluntary Agreement could allow your company to do this.

The CVA can be tailored to suit the company's and creditors' needs. It could involve a five year payment plan or a full and final settlement in the form of a lump sum to creditors or a combination of the two.

The Company Voluntary Agreement avoids the need for liquidation, can save jobs and investments. A further advantage is that the Supervisor is not required to investigate the directors' conduct nor submit reports to the Dti as in liquidation. However, if the directors' conduct has been severely lacking, the Supervisor will need to advise creditors of this and this could effect creditors desire to support the CVA.


The Next Step

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